OctagonSmart Door sensor

Transform your building into a safe and secure premises with the Octagon door & window Sensor.

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Wi-Fi or Z-free enabled Door & Window Sensor

Safeguard your premises at all times. Octagon’s wireless design means that it can be installed easily on any door or window. Read More

Receive real time notifications directly to your smart phone whenever the open/close status of any door or window is detected. The Octagon has a battery life of up to 8 months or 700 triggers, and notifies you when the battery is low.

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A Combination of Intelligent Features

Octagon is equipped with multiple safety characteristics to increase security and offer you peace of mind.

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Easy Installation, Simple to Use

Easily install Octagons door and window sensors with 3m adhesive tape in multiple places around your premises, to enhance security and functionality. You can easily install and uninstall the Octagon, allowing you to conveniently move the sensors around to different locations in your building.

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Product Specs

  • Australian Standard Certified.
  • Easy QR Code setup.
  • Completely secure and stable connectivity.
  • Easy installation.
  • Supports OTA firmware updates.
  • Low Power Consumption: Battery life of approximately 8 months/700 triggers.
  • Real time battery status.
  • Real time notifications of the open/close status of any door or window.
  • Real time notifications when battery is low.
  • Scene control and time scheduled operations.
  • Setup automation rules.
  • Google Home and Amazon Alexa compatible.
  • Control via Android or Apple devices.
Power Source: 3V DC Battery
Battery Type: CR1632
Battery Life: 8 – 12 months
Standby Power: Approx. 2µA
Working Temperature: -20°C to 60°C
Communication Protocol: 2.4-GHz IEEE 802.15.2
Dimensions Large magnet 53x23 mm
Small magnet 32x15 mm
Wight 26g

Z-Free Door and Window Smart door sensor to Protect Your Premises

With the growing number of crimes and burglaries in the modern-day scenario, home security has become an issue that should be focused on. Generally, exits and entrances are the feeblest points of a home such that burglars enter through the doors, if the entrance and the outdoor are not secure so it will very effortless for the burglars to come inside the house. That is why a lot of smart innovations of Interfree are going to keep your home and office secure and safe, out of which Interfree Z-Free Door and Window Smart Sensor are the most preeminent. It’s an electric smart door sensor that sends real-time notifications directly to the user’s mobile phone when it detects the open or close status of the door and window. This latest innovation comes with a package of choices and features.

A noteworthy part of the smart home automation system, these door sensors are specially designed to monitor all activity on the smartphone or tablet from a remote location through the Interfree App. So, whenever someone opens the door, you will get a banner alert on your smartphone via a smart app. In addition, you are free to operate this smart solution, such as locking or unlocking any door of your home, from any place anytime with the assistance of an app on your smartphone. Besides exceptional security, these sensors offer a great deal of comfort and relief for users. In short, it’s beneficial to purchase an Interfree Z-Free Door and Window Smart Sensor rather than purchasing a full-stack home security system, because a tiny but intelligent one can fulfill your home’s thirst for security.

Significance and Working of Smart Door Sensor

Definitely, this age is an age of advanced technology where smart home automation is becoming more and more advance to make layman’s life easier than ever before. However, a lot of conveniences and enhanced security offered by the door sensor are another edge offered to us in all fields of life. These sensors are an essential component of a security system: they give you a sense of control to monitor when someone is entering and leaving your home. As they are well-designed and work efficiently to passively monitor your entrance into your premises by easily attaching to any door or window of any type of house. Interfree Smart Door Sensor can easily get connected to the home Wi-Fi network and in the situation when the door or window is opened, the tiny gadget will instantly send you an alert notification on the Interfree App. Thus, this tool is highly demanded and become a vital part of the security system at home as well as in commercial buildings.

In simplest terms, Interfree Smart Door is Z-Free enabled, so no worries in the case when the internet disconnects, this sensor continues its working even in the harsh environment and provides you a real-time notification without any pose or gap to ensure you complete security of your premises. Its installation process is quite effortless and easy on the door and window with 3M adhesive tape in multiple places around your home to enhance the security and functionality too. The Interfree Z-Free Door and Window Smart Sensor has an incredible battery life of up to 8 month or 700 triggers and always keep you notify whenever the battery is low. What’s more! It’s truly remarkable to get installed or uninstalled providing you the authority to move the sensor around to multiple locations in a home or building.

Benefits of Interfree Z-Free Smart door Sensor

Apart from the comfort and monitoring features, there are many other prominent perks that you will surely get after installing a wonderful sensor in your smart house. Let’s have look at some of-mark benefits of smart door sensor:

Get Rid of Burglaries

To avoid crimes and mishappens in the home, it’s necessary to install a reliable and secure sensor that is capable to notify us in the case of a suspicious act. This is a smart way to overcome the crime index that is rapidly increasing in diverse parts of the world. After having door and window sensors, users become eligible to receive alerts, when someone is trying to open or close the door. Moreover, if there is any abnormal activity, the user can instantly call the Police for help.

Monitor Every Activity

Interfree Smart Door Sensor acts very smartly and provides you with every minor detail about who is leaving or entering your home without informing you, plus you can monitor him. You can lock and even unlock the door with the sensor remotely without any effort.

Peace of Mind

The top of all benefits, it offers you peace of mind, as you can sleep at ease after installing it at your outdoor. So, it can actively give you reports without missing a little bit and keep your family safe and protected. 

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