The Interfree Vision

To contribute to the IOT space by continuing to improve and develop ground-breaking IOT automation solutions that transform and enrich the operations of multiple industries. Simultaneously,

Interfree’s vision is to provide monitoring apparatus and reduce energy consumption to cut costs, resulting in long term benefits for the user and for our planet.

The Interfree Mission

To provide innovative and contemporary products to enhance and simplify everyday living by enabling complete control, anytime anywhere.

Our Values

At Interfree we consistently deliver our key values:


Our team ensure that they conduct themselves with high levels of honesty and integrity, ensuring that all actions are in the interest of the customer and all agreements are honoured.


Our team work consistently well as a combined unit, ensuring communication is always a key factor in delivering our service.


Every job carried out by a Smart installer is delivered to the highest quality, we treat every home with respect and will always ensure we fit our equipment in a manner that takes this into consideration.

Who We Are?

Interfree is the subsidiary of Intercel, the leading manufacturer and supplier of GSM, GPRS, 3G and 4G industrial modems for M2M applications.

The company is reputable nation wide for their expertise, dependability and fastidious approach to providing outstanding quality products that have been utilised for monitoring, data transmission, IOT, metering, networking and automation across the globe.

With over 30 years industry experience, Intercel has been at the forefront of providing innovative solutions whilst contributing to the advancements of the IOT market.

Simultaneously, the company has evolved with the everchanging industry and thus have launched Interfree, with the vision to revolutionise the Smart Home & Premises industry by integrating simplicity into their unique Smart Home & Premises Solution.

Why we do it ?

At Interfree, we believe home is everything. It’s where children grow up, dinnertime conversations happen, birthdays are celebrated, and memories are made.

Home should be enjoyed, and that’s what drives us. And because home is so important, our mission is to make it more secure, comfortable, and convenient.

Worry-Free Warranty

Looking after our customers is part of our culture. It’s what we do. Hence, all of our products have at least two-year warranty.


We believe in making smart home devices affordable and accessible.

Product Quality

At Interfree?, quality is the foundation upon which our organization thrives. Durability, reliability and performance are ensured by thorough quality control procedures.

Pensive design

You can customize the appearance of our entire product range, choosing from a variety of sleek designs, colours and finishes to suit your home or office.

Quick Support

Based in Australia, with local sales and technical experts available to respond to your query very quickly.

What we offer

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Australian owned and operated, with all Interfree products being meticulously designed and developed by our team of local engineers.

Interfree understands the importance of privacy and security, and therefore all user data is stored safely on servers within Australia only, ensuring that there is no breach of security and that all information remains private and confidential.

Interfree’s unique Smart Home & Premises Solution emphasises the significance of functionality, which is why enabling users to be in complete control, anytime anywhere, is at the forefront of our products.

How you can contact us

Call +61 (0)3 9239 2099 to speak with a Smart Home Pro or send an email to:

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