O1 Wifi Security Camera

Exceptional image quality with slick high environmental resistive design makes O1 camera the best in its class

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WIFI Enabled Battery Powered Security Camera

Stay alert with the O1 camera. The build in light and alarm will improve the safety of your premises and be in complete control

1080p Full HD
Weather Resistant
2.4G Wifi
Secure Setup
Built in Battery
10 Meter Night Vision
Weather Resistant
Two-Way Audio
Equipped With Sound And Light Expulsion Alarm
100° Wide-AngleCamera Lens

Adaptable Powering Options,
Money-Saving and Eco-Friendly

Rechargeable battery

O1 comes with a long-lasting rechargeable battery. Self-powered,
so it can work without power cables.

Adaptable Powering Options,
Money-Saving and Eco-Friendly

Solar Powered

A few hours of sunlight everyday will keep your O1 plus charged around the clock,
so you’ll never run out of power.

Receive Real-Time Alerts That Really Matter

Stay Connected, Anytime Anywhere

Real Time Recording

Once the PIR sensor detects motion, the O1 will automatically begin video recording. All recordings will be stored so that you can view them in the App at your own convenience.

Full HD Quality during both Day & Night

O1’s high resolution of 1920*1080 enhances image quality and creates sharper and
smoother video streaming. See, hear and speak to whoever comes to your premises
from anywhere with the O1.

Get Remote Access
Anywhere Anytime

stay connected to your home or office even when you are not there. Control and monitor your home with the free Interfree connected application from anywhere.

Higher Protection And
Peace Of Mind

With adjustable mount and wireless design, O1 camera is easy to install in every corner. The camera operates on rechargeable battery which has about 6-8 months battery life once its fully charged so you do not need to worry about moving O1 at different location for charging so frequently.

Interfree “Wi-Fi home security cameras”

Nowadays, when it comes to taking care of the protection of your lives, your business places, your premises, areas and locales. We use Wi-Fi Security cameras and primarily for our homes we use Wi-Fi Security Cameras.

What Are Wi-Fi home Security Cameras?

A Wi-Fi Home Security Camera is an IP Camera, or Internet Protocol Camera, which is a computerized video camera utilized for observation and simultaneously, catches and sends information over a quick Ethernet connection. Wi-Fi Security Cameras are connected to Wi-Fi Routers to send Video Data. Wi-Fi security cameras require a minimum of one cable or wire for power. These are designed to avoid the hassle of many wires expedition in homes and to use them efficiently.

Why do we need Interfree Wi-Fi home Security Camerass?

The relationship between this present reality with advanced is lovely and very advantageous. From amusement to business activities, food conveyances, and the well-being of the board each part of its presence is being affected via mechanization and digitization. One such illustration of computerized development is outside Wi-Fi Home Security Cameras.

1. Vital Design for the usefulness

Wi-Fi home Security Cameras are present-day reactions to the security prerequisites of houses and business spaces. Monitoring what's going on in the environmental elements of the spots where you reside and work is basic. Here becomes an integral factor – a home where you reside. When associated with Wi-Fi, Interfree Wi-Fi home Security Cameras send general media signs to the collector introduced in convenient gadgets, the responder utilizes. That can be a cell phone, tablet, or PC.


2. Less wire, greater adaptability:

Interfree Wi-Fi home Security Cameras offer the highest level of adaptability of exchanging their situation whenever the timing is ideal as they don't need a super durable wiring arrangement. In any case, you should guarantee that the camera keeps a decent association with the switch for undisrupted transmission of reconnaissance feed. Interfree Wi-Fi home Security Cameras frameworks are planned decisively to support even in outrageous atmospheric conditions. Highlights like residue safe, water-accommodating, and dampness safe make these cameras exceptionally sturdy and dependable for security observation each of the 365 days.


3. Level to vertical view range:

Interfree Wi-Fi home Security Cameras are created in various shapes and sizes for upgraded usefulness and comfort. PTZ planning highlight empowers cameras to move into their best capacities from right to left, up to down, and zoom in - zoom out, conveying a total 360 degrees’ perspective on the environmental factors. 


4. 24×7 remote checking:

Interfree Wi-Fi home Security Cameras can communicate real-time video transfers the entire day. Responders can screen the regions under observation while sitting miles from their homes and workplaces by introducing the camera feed on their cell phones or some other gadget.


5. Limit unapproved access:

Movement sensor cutting-edge recognition highlights in cutting-edge Interfree Wi-Fi home Security Cameras raise alert at whatever point unapproved individual attempts to enter the premises. Observing specialists get the chance to check and affirm who can enter the property and who needs further examination.


6. Change situating naturally:

Utilizing the force of AI, brilliant Interfree Wi-Fi home Security Cameras consequently affirm that individuals are situated perfectly placed for exact perusing. It gives a prompt sign to the people who stand in the untraceable area through sound alerts.


7. Constant alerts:

Interfree designed these cameras to raise quick cautions on recognizing any dubious action or inconsistencies to alarm the responder. These ongoing tocsins empower checking specialists to distinguish the person with criminal aims and the specific spot of possible wrongdoing for fast activity.

Let's Interfree devise some methods to implement the previously mentioned benefits of their Interfree Home Security Cameras in protecting homes, streets, urban communities, and businesses outside.

  • Productively screens open-air places without even a trace of responders
  • Raises continuous alarms to deter wrongdoing like theft, infringing, crowd savagery, traffic rules infringement, and the sky is the limit from there
  • Gives general media proof to arraign the lawbreaker in court
  • Dispose of the gamble of bundle burglary when putting external your home or office
  • Help in trash observing for expanded wellbeing and cleanliness of the environmental elements in the midst of the ongoing pandemic

Find out the best Wi-Fi Home Security Camera

Interfree is one of the famous Wi-Fi Security Camera solution suppliers that has updated the security frameworks of organizations and state-run administrations around the world. It offers premium-quality high-level checking cameras including Wi-Fi Home security arrangements. The security frameworks require the least upkeep while conveying the greatest result and brilliant well-being highlights. Its scope of Home security cameras highlights in-constructed Wi-Fi and 4x computerized zoom alongside cloud recording, DIY establishment process, complete sans wire tasks, and significantly more. It guarantees durable observation answers for safeguarding homes, workplaces, and public spots from certain and questionable dangers. You can book a meeting with the group to plunge profound into their contributions.

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