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IlluminatorSmart Dimmer

Create the perfect ambience in your premises with the Illuminator.

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Compact layout with a variety of features

Interfree Smart Light Dimmer allows users to brighten or darken lights via touch, button, voice or app. Set scenes, time scheduled operations and IFTTT via the Interfree App to set the perfect mood.

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Certified to
Australian Standards
Work With Any
Dimmable Device

Enhance your Home Ambiance with the Smart Dimmer Switch

Step into the future of smart home lighting control with Smart home switches such as the smart dimmer switch. With the smart dimmer switch, homeowners can create a cozy atmosphere according to their preferences & set the perfect brightness for any occasion with ease.

The smart light dimmer switch is compatible with the most popular smart home platforms such as Alexa and Google Assistant, making it easier to integrate into your existing smart home living ecosystem.

Smart Dimmer Switches to Upgrade your Home Decor Game

Lighting plays a huge role in setting up your mood. You may prefer a warm glow for a movie night at your home or a bright light to perform your tasks efficiently. The Alexa light switch dimmer provides precise lighting control to suit your needs.

How Smart Dimmer Switches Can Transform Your Home

Smart light switch dimmers bring numerous benefits, enhancing both convenience and ambiance in your home. Through remote control options using smartphone apps or voice assistants, adjusting light levels becomes effortless.

In addition, scheduling functions allow for automated adjustments, improving both security and comfort. With its integration with the smart home ecosystem, it can be controlled with other devices smoothly.

Dimming Control for an even smarter home

Brightness Memory

Would you prefer to set your bedroom lights up to 70%? The Interfree Dimmer Switch instantly saves you time and energy by memorizing your current brightness settings.

Customized dimming Range

The dimmers in your home just got smarter. To avoid low-level bulb flicker and gain smoother dimming control, set minimum and maximum custom brightness levels.

Interfree is the smart innovation for your Premises

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Benefits of buying Smart Dimmer Switch in Australia

  1. Control your lights using your smartphone or voice commands
  2. Connect with your smart home system for automated scheduling
  3. Save energy by adjusting your lighting levels
  4. Set up different lighting scenes for different moods
  5. The sleek design
  6. Increased savings on energy bills
  7. Increased home value
  8. Feel secure knowing you can monitor and control your lights remotely

Altogether, smart dimmer switches offer convenience, energy savings, and customization, revolutionizing the way you interact with lighting.

Product Specs

  • Australian Standard Certified.
  • Easy QR Code setup.
  • Completely secure and stable connectivity.
  • High quality tempered glass panel design.
  • Button or touch.
  • Overload and overheat protection.
  • Colour: Black/White.
  • Style: Touch/Button.
  • Works with any Dimmable Device.
  • Application Control: Control your devices remotely Anytime, Anywhere via the Interfree App.
  • Scheduling: Streamline daily tasks by configuring dynamic schedules.
  • Set custom minimum and maximum brightness levels to avoid low-level bulb flicker and gain smoother dimming control.
  • View and change the ON/OFF status via the app.
  • Scene control and time scheduled operations.
  • Integration with more advanced setups.
  • Equipped with individual gang, built in energy meters.
  • Real time energy consumption monitoring.
  • IFTTT.
  • Google Home and Amazon Alexa compatible.
  • Control via Android or Apple devices.
Colour: Black/White
Shape: Oval/Pointy
Works : with 110-250V`, 50Hz Dimmable Lights and Fans
Dimmer Type: Triac
Voltage: 100 - 240V ~, 50Hz
Wattage: Incandescent lamp 150W/gang) LED lamp 150W/gang)
Standby Power: 1.2W
Communication Protocol: 2.4-GHz IEEE 802.15.4
Installation Method: Australian Standard Wall Mounting
Dimensions Front wall 120x72 mm
Wall cavity 70x50 mm
Depth 42mm
Weight 142g

Smart Dimmer Switch

Technology has not only evolved phones and the internet, it has also evolved light switches. Sounds pretty boring right? No, now you can control your lighting, adjust their brightness, and even improve your home security with an app on your smartphone or using virtual assistant through google assistant or Alexa, etc. The Interfree smart dimmer switches are Wi-Fi-enabled smart switches that connect directly to your home internet network and have options for on/off the lights or even dimming the lights.  They also have an extra status light and besides being an innovative technology, they even make your wall looks good. Smart dimmer switches come with a wide range and useful features.

Working Principle of Smart Dimmer Switch:

The first requirement of installing a smart dimmer switch is to check the compatibility, whether the switch you are installing is compatible with the smart bulbs or not. A smart dimmer switch operates on a Wi-Fi network in your or a low-energy mesh network like Zigbee. With the help of this, you can control your smart dimmer switch with the help of an app or virtual assistance on your smartphones or even via voice assistants like Alexa or Siri. You can even manage them manually on yourself.

Feature Of Smart Dimmer Switch:




Significance of Smart Dimmer Switch:

Get rid of your old and traditional switches by going smart. Yes, you can now make light switches innovative and trendy by using a smart dimmer switch. Interfree smart dimmer switches offer to make your life a little more convenient, dominating, and ambient. You can now adjust the brightness of your lights, dim them or increase them, based on the mood or activity you do. For example, if you are watching a movie, you would want to dim your lights. With Smart Dimmer switches. You can enhance security, save money on your utility bills, and even save energy, by dimming or turning off lights if you are away from your smartphone. Smart dimmer switches work flawlessly with virtual assistance and voice-controlled devices like Alexa, Siri, or google assistant.


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