Smart Switches

Smart switches provide all the benefit of smart integration, while retaining manual control.

Smart switches can be a cost-effective way of integrating smart technology into your home as you don't have to replace all the bulbs within your home.


Xtreme Switch Smart Light Switch

Illuminator Smart Dimmer

Xtreme Switch Smart Light Switch

Illuminator Smart Dimmer

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Top Smart Switches in Australia

Interfree Smart Switches enable you to set the mood for any event, from elegant dinner parties to late-night study sessions. Our Xtreme Light Switch and Illuminator Smart Dimmer Switches enable you to smartly control the lighting system of your house with just a single tap on your smartphone or with the sound of your voice.

These smart switches give your home a fair dinkum upgrade as they are efficient as well as stylish to fit in with your home aesthetics.

Smart Home Switches in Australia can be seamlessly synced with other Interfree Smart devices, enabling one-tap control from your smartphone.

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The Surprising Benefits of Wireless Smart Switches

Easy access:

When there is a Wi-Fi connection, Wi-Fi light switches can be operated from anywhere at any time.

For instance, a homeowner can conserve energy by turning off lights and appliances when they are gone for the day or when traveling.

Personalized adjustments:

Activity-based adjustments can be made to a smart switch. The light switch may be set to progressively brighten during morning makeup and gradually decrease it at nighttime.

Integration of Multiple Devices:

Smart switches can integrate many devices for a more convenient living experience as a part of smart home automation. One way to customize a smart switch is to arrange it to turn on lights and your favorite music in the morning.

Heightened safety:

For added security when homeowners are away, some smart switches may be linked to home security and alarm systems. For extra protection, a lot of video doorbells may be connected to motion sensors, a video camera, and smart light switches.

Savings on costs:

Smart Switches can cut down your energy bills and save you money if they are used for multiple tasks such as heating, cooling, etc.

If you want to buy the best smart switches in Australia, then Interfree should be your go-to choice. We can help smarten up your home without breaking the bank!


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