Ultra Point Smart Socket

Ultra Point Smart Socket

The Future is Here: Smart Plugs & Outlets

At Interfree, we're setting the standard for innovation by providing state-of-the-art solutions that will transform your home into a smart heaven. Smart power points are game changers that are designed to simplify your life and amplify your comfort. Moreover, they also promote energy efficiency.

By using voice commands, you can effortlessly manage your lights, devices, and entertainment systems. Smart Wi-Fi plugs and sockets not only streamline your daily routines but also provide a glimpse of a smoothly integrated, efficient, and cozy living environment.

Step into the future of home automation with Interfree.

Why Choose Interfree Smart Plugs and Smart Outlets?

1. Seamless Integration into your Home Ecosystem:

With the help of your smartphone or voice commands, you can control your gadgets from anywhere with our smart outlets and plugs that also connect to your Wi-Fi network easily. Enjoy complete control over your devices with Interfree smart Wi-Fi powerpoints.

2. Increased Security and Remote Control:

Use Interfree smart outlets and plugs to secure your house and loved ones while getting greater peace of mind. With advanced features such as remote control and monitoring, you can ensure that unused devices are turned off. This makes you feel at ease and secure.

3. Personalised Scheduling:

With smart plugs and outlets, you can set up schedules that are tailored to your tastes and way of life. Hence, these Wi-Fi power points make things easy, whether making coffee in the morning, prepping for your evening meal, or turning on the lights after dusk.

4. Higher Compatibility:

Popular voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are compatible with Interfree smart powerpoints, enabling smooth integration and improved management over your house.

The Need for Wi-Fi Powerpoints in Australia

Smart power points are gaining more and more popularity in Australia. Smart power points put you in charge of your home power. These devices are inevitable for a more connected, convenient, and sustainable future. Join hands with Interfree and automate your home today!

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