Ultra Point Smart Socket

Ultra Point Smart Socket

Ultra Plug Smart WiFi Plug

Automate Your Home Using Interfree Smart PowerPoints

Interfree Smart PowerPoints are the next-gen power outlets that bring innovation to your home. These smart PowerPoints come with smart features to make your life easier and more efficient. With their advanced technology, you can control and monitor your devices from anywhere, helping you cut down on energy use and save on bills.

Interfree Smart Smart PowerPoints put you in charge of your home's power. Use the smart Interfree app on your phone or tablet to control all your integrated devices, even when you're away. Turn OFF all unused appliances or lights effortlessly, putting money back in your pocket and reducing your carbon footprint.

Beyond power management, our Smart PowerPoints offer a range of features to enhance your lifestyle. They feature USB ports for hassle-free device charging and intelligent sensors that keep you informed about what's plugged in or unplugged, so you can easily avoid unnecessary energy waste.

Explore our range, from sleek Ultra Point Smart Socket to versatile models like Ultra Plug Smart WiFi Plug. Trust in the reliability and innovation of Interfree Smart PowerPoints. Plus, by combining Smart Power Points with our Smart Light Switches, you can create a fully integrated system in your home.

Browse Interfree’s collection of Smart PowerPoints and discover the perfect blend of simplicity, intelligence, and convenience for your home.

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