O3 Wifi Security Camera

Exceptional image quality with slick high environmental resistive design makes O3 camera the best in its class

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WIFI Enabled Battery Powered Security Camera

Stay alert with the O3 camera. The build in light and alarm will improve the safety of your premises and be in complete control.

1080p Full HD
Weather Resistant
Built in Battery
Two-Way Audio
PTZ Camera
Secure Setup
10 Meter Night Vision
2.4G Wifi
Receive Fast Push Notifications
Equipped With Sound And Light Expulsion Alarm
100° Wide-Angle Camera Lens

Adaptable Powering Options, Money-Saving and Eco-Friendly

Solar Powered

A few hours of sunlight everyday will keep your O3 plus charged around the clock, so you’ll never run out of power.

Receive Real-Time Alerts That Really Matter

Stay Connected, Anytime Anywhere

Real Time Recording

Once the PIR sensor detects motion, the O3 will automatically begin video recording. All recordings will be stored so that you can view them in the App at your own convenience.

Full HD Quality during both Day & Night

O3’s high resolution of 1920*1080 enhances image quality and creates sharper and
smoother video streaming. See, hear and speak to whoever comes to your premises
from anywhere with the O3.

Get Remote Access
Anywhere Anytime

stay connected to your home or office even when you are not there. Control and monitor your home with the free Interfree connected application from anywhere.

Higher Protection And
Peace Of Mind

With adjustable mount and wireless design, O3 camera is easy to install in every corner. The camera operates on rechargeable battery which has about 6-8 months battery life once its fully charged so you do not need to bother about moving O3 at different location for charging so frequently.

Choose Interfree Home Security Camera to Keep Your Family and Property Safe

Nowadays, home security is rapidly becoming more important than ever, such that an active security camera is a core fragment of every house. Home security cameras have countless advantages. These cams are available just to be used to meet a wide range of surveillance and home protection demands. They can easily be connected to a security alarm system, allowing you and your other family members to monitor all areas of their premises from a central console.


The matchless wireless home security cameras do offer extra ease of installation as well as top flexibility since there are no wired wires to have to be concerned with whenever it is in use. This wireless model even though more flexible can have problems when it comes to interference from digital devices around it such as wireless Internet, and kids monitors, and can support millions of HD mobile surveillance, both IOS and Android. In addition, the wireless method also has the possibility that the footage recorded by this gadget could be interfered with by anyone who has access to this technology.


Besides putting it indoors, you may put these home security cameras outside and take a big advantage as a deterrent to intruders. Although, Interfree Home Security Cameras are significantly small hidden cameras to place around your home, which works well if you are trying to catch someone without letting them know it. It’s really going to be amazing! 

Try WiFi Indoor Home Security Cameras to Stay Connected with Home

We have developed inimitable security cams that keep you alert with their Wi-Fi-enabled functionality. Most of the cameras in the market are too expensive and stand-alone security cameras are for home use, Nevertheless, the most useful innovation of Interfree with built-in light and alarm will improve the security concerns of your property which allows you to be in complete control of all the time. Interfree Home Security cameras provide Optional 24/7 professional monitoring and recording at night and day. They instantly trigger the alarm and light too to keep you safe from any undesired event. Longlife battery and perfect Wi-Fi connections keep your home secure and protected all the time.


These forward-thinking smart home design cameras can integrate seamlessly with Google Assistant and wireless connections and are considered as the best for home automation systems. The smart security camera stands out with a 2MP HD CMOS Sensor and a large 100° field of view. Unlike other cameras that make you pay to look at recorded footage only for a few hours before, Interfree Home Security Cameras let you see too old footage clearly, that you’ve saved. Plus, most of its best features, like smart detection and motion detection, work without a subscription. If you want to explore more features, Contact us today and get more info about this incredible product!


What Interfree Home Security Cameras can do for your Home Protection

Wireless home security cameras reduce the need to run video wires to remote parts of a home or premises in order to get a video recorder or television. These systems usually feature a receiver that plugs directly into your smartphone or tablet that receives the signals and real-time notifications. There are a number of advantages to using these smart and intelligent cameras, including their small size, portability, and their ability to be positioned very quickly in spots where running video cables is impossible. It should be more notable that these sorts of cameras still need to be set in recording mode to achieve the whole day recording, timing recording, and alarm recording.

The wireless and WiFi-enabled home security cameras do offer additional ease of installation as well as flexibility since they can provide a high resolution of 1920x1080 boost the image quality and make more sharp and clear video streaming. You can effectively hear, see, and talk to whoever comes to your premises without informing you. Interfree’s security models are designed to fit into any house or apartment and may be customized to meet your specific expectations. For better protection that would stick out, the devices are conspicuous, and they come with many components to build the surveillance you desire. Setting up the camera is very effortless, and it will take no time to get started capturing video and audio even without your permission. Enjoy unlimited features like alarm signals and light signals when motions are detected, reliable wireless connections, and noteworthy long-range sensors that detect human and object movement.

With such a complex and amazing array of security cameras available at Interfree choosing from the one that is used will depend on your requirements and specific security concerns. There is a wide range of reliable and creditable cameras available to meet the needs of any homeowners that have lighting functions or scene conditions to contend with.

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