O2 Wifi Security Camera

Exceptional image quality with slick high environmental resistive design makes O2 camera the best in its class

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WIFI Enabled Battery Powered Security Camera

Stay alert with the O2 camera. The build in light and alarm will improve the safety of your premises and be in complete control

1080p Full HD
Weather Resistant
Secure Setup
Two Way Audio
100° Wide-Angle
Camera Lens
10 Meter Night Vision
2.4G Wifi
Solar Powered
Equipped With Sound & Light
Expulsion Alarm
Receive Fast Push Notifications
Built in Battery

Adaptable Powering Options, Money-Saving and Eco-Friendly

Solar Powered

A few hours of sunlight everyday will keep your O2 plus charged around the clock, so you’ll never run out of power.

Receive Real-Time Alerts That Really Matter

Stay Connected, Anytime Anywhere

Real Time Recording

Once the PIR sensor detects motion, the O2 will automatically begin video recording. All recordings will be stored so that you can view them in the App at your own convenience.

Full HD Quality during both Day & Night

O2 high resolution of 1920*1080 enhances image quality and creates sharper and
smoother video streaming. See, hear and speak to whoever comes to your premises
from anywhere with the O2.

Get Remote Access
Anywhere Anytime

stay connected to your home or office even when you are not there. Control and monitor your home with the free Interfree connected application from anywhere.

Higher Protection And
Peace Of Mind

With adjustable mount and wireless design, O2 camera is easy to install in every corner. The camera operates on rechargeable battery which has about 6-8 months battery life once its fully charged so you do not need to bother about moving O2 at different location for charging so frequently.

Add Interfree Outdoor Security Camera to make Your Home Security Cost-Efficient 

Make your home protection stronger by making outdoor security cameras part of your intelligent home security camera system. This is a cost-effective solution, not one that is going to empty your bank account. It does not have to be expensive, Where you might be going through a number of complex, expensive systems available in the market, you probably do not need that kind of costly system for your home. Interfree is a leading brand across Australia due to its rugged smart home devices like Outdoor Security Camera, which is designed to withstand rain, snow, and extreme temperatures, typically connect to your home internet network very efficiently as well as allow you to view live video footage of activities occurring outside your home. Not end here, these are adept to alert you when someone or something is out there, recording high-quality video of the event, and, depending on advanced seamless features, let you know with whoever is on your property, all without requiring you to open your door.

Home security cameras can give you peace of mind when you're sleeping or away from home, with adjustable mount and wireless design, in addition, it’s very easy to install in any corner of your outdoor where they look perfect. Moreover, according to the latest research: many burglars and street criminals will surely bypass a house if they see an outdoor security camera outside the house. Plus, if someone does get into your home, the camera's clear and high-quality footage can be proven as evidence for police in their investigation. To maximize the effectiveness of your security cameras, you should eagerly make them a part of a complete home security system, along with identity theft protection and antivirus software.

Have Built-in Protection and Composure with Smart Security Guard

Do you want a seamless security guard who can give you every minor detail about the incidents happening before you outdoor? In the presence of a cost-effective camera, you don’t hire a watchman, it can keep your premises secure and monitor 27/7. The safety of your home is one of those things that can never be overemphasized, all the more so if you live with a family and have kids running around in the home and outside as well. To make your household more secure and to deter suspicious individuals from entering your home, it is really never a bad idea to have the best Interfree outdoor security cameras.


Apart from its advantage as a security guard outside your home, you can have a bit more peace of mind when you are at the office and want to monitor every event, especially when your naughty kids are home alone. Plus, in the unfortunate event of a mishappening, you’ll have a lot of surveillance footage that can lead you to be careful the next time.

Thus If you’re seriously looking to add extra security to just a couple of spots around your property then the Interfree Outdoor Camera can’t be beaten on value for money. With smart night vision and a high resolution of 1920*1080, you’ll be able to capture incidents in high quality.And to top it off, Interfree is the most trusted brand in Australia that you can not go wrong with. However, You’ll also be able to use the smart guard to get a good look at who’s at your front door before opening it outdoor. That’s an incredible feature to have given the ongoing pandemic since it’s a great way to keep your proper distance from strange people. Unfortunately, if your home doesn’t have an outdoor security camera yet, there couldn’t be a better time to pick one up.

Staying in line with the budget options like Interfree’s one is an incredibly affordable outdoor security camera that can provide you higher protection and peace of mind.

Interfree Outdoor Security Camera can Harness the Power of Sun

One of its most attractive features is its packaged Solar Panel that pretty much omits the requirement to climb up a ladder and take the camera down for recharging again and again. Of course, that’s undoubtedly favorable if you're living in an area that gets a decent amount of sun. The specifically designed built-in light and alarms will also improve the safety of your premises and let you be in complete touch with your property. It renders in decent 1080p resolution, you’ve got a siren and two-way talk, and you can choose between an option of chargeable and solar battery option through an affordable subscription.

The best Interfree Outdoor Security Camera is a wonderfully well-priced security device that gives exceptional image quality with slick good environmental resistive design, as well as long-range night vision, all at a price point that the average civilian can afford. Compared to the other expensive Spotlight Cam’s night vision range, it can create sharper and smoother video even at nighttime. Interfree presents this invention for people who shudder at the thought of having to pay a monthly subscription fee on top of buying the camera just to store your footage safely, you’ll be glad to know that this little guy has plenty of adaptable powering options. Not only will you save money on the device itself, but you’ll break some major costs on recurring cloud payments as well.

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