Prism Motion Sensor

Transform your building into a safe and secure premises with Prism PIR motion sensor.

Wi-Fi and Zigbee enabled PIR motion sensor

Prism is a rechargeable, ultra low power consuming PIR motion sensor that detects human motion within its vicinity, and is able to perform various programmable tasks by communicating with a gateway.

  • Easy
  • Complete
  • Battery
  • Stay Notified
  • Detect
  • Scene
  • Time Scheduled Operations

Mount it anywhere

The shape of the sensor is designed in such a way to easily be mounted on any wall or celling. Lower power consumption, we can power up the sensor by battery which can last approximately 6 months or mini-USB

Activate security system

The Prism is your home's ultimate guardian, watching over you and your family 24/7.

Be in control Anytime, Anywhere

Stay connected to your premises even when you’re not there. Control and monitor all aspects of your premises with the Interfree App, no matter where you are.

Product Specs

  • Australian standard certified
  • Easy QR code installation.
  • Complete secured and stable connectivity
  • Supports OTA firmware updates.
  • Application controls: Access anywhere, leave the AC ON? Turn them off from anywhere using the Interfree's mobile application
  • Geofencing: Set location triggers so your devices like Ac, T.V turn on automatically when you arrive home.
  • Scheduling: Add efficiency and convenience to your daily routine with dynamic schedules
  • Scene and automation feature
  • Global IR code library include TV, AC, FAN, TV BOX, Projector etc.
  • Fully support IFTTT
  • Automated appliance control
  • 360-degree full coverage of infrared emission
  • Global IR Code library include TV, AC, Fan, TV box, DVD, Projector, etc.
  • IR code manual learning feature
  • AC IR code library one-key matching function.
  • Distance up to 10 meters
  • Compatibility with platforms: Android, Apple, Google home, Alexa
Power source 3.6V DC Battery OR USB
Battery type LIR 2477 rechargeable battery
Battery life 6 months
Storage Temperature -20°C to 60°C
Reamended installation height 2 -3 M
Standby power About 50µA
Range 8m
Angel range 120 degree
Communication protocol Zigbee
Dimensions 95x95x53 mm
Wight 112g

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