Prism Motion Sensor

You will instantly be in love with this compact sensor with a sleek, modern aesthetic cast in black

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Wi-Fi and Zigbee enabled Prism

Interfree prism is a rechargeable ultra low power consuming PIR motion sensor. It communicates with an associated Zigbee controller/getaway whenever there is human motion its vicinity to perform various programmable tasks. Prism can be conveniently fixed to a wall mounted on table.

  • Easy
  • Complete
  • Battery
  • Stay
  • Detect
  • Scene
  • Timer Scheduled

Mount it anywhere

The shape of the sensor is designed in such a way to easily be mounted on any wall or celling. Lower power consumption, we can power up the sensor by battery which can last approximately 6 months or mini-USB

Activate security system

The Prism is your home's ultimate guardian, watching over you and your family 24/7.

Access Anywhere

Stay connected to your home even when you are not at home. Control and monitor your home with the free Interfree connected application from anywhere.

Product Specs

  • Australian standard certified
  • Easy QR code installation.
  • Complete secured and stable connectivity
  • Supports OTA firmware updates.
  • Application controls: Access anywhere, leave the AC ON? Turn them off from anywhere using the Interfree's mobile application
  • Geofencing: Set location triggers so your devices like Ac, T.V turn on automatically when you arrive home.
  • Scheduling: Add efficiency and convenience to your daily routine with dynamic schedules
  • Scene and automation feature
  • Global IR code library include TV, AC, FAN, TV BOX, Projector etc.
  • Fully support IFTTT
  • Automated appliance control
  • 360-degree full coverage of infrared emission
  • Global IR Code library include TV, AC, Fan, TV box, DVD, Projector, etc.
  • IR code manual learning feature
  • AC IR code library one-key matching function.
  • Distance up to 10 meters
  • Compatibility with platforms: Android, Apple, Google home, Alexa
Power source 3.6V DC Battery OR USB
Battery type LIR 2477 rechargeable battery
Battery life 6 months
Storage Temperature -20°C to 60°C
Reamended installation height 2 -3 M
Standby power About 50µA
Range 8m
Angel range 120 degree
Communication protocol Zigbee
Dimensions 95x95x53 mm
Wight 112g

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