Interfree Octagon

Door & Window Sensor Stay in complete control of your doors windows and other elements which uses the same mechanism.

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Wi-Fi and Zigbee enabled Door Sensor

Guard your family and business all the time! Interfree's smart sensors for doors and windows with fashionable wireless design, can be installed anywhere within 10mm near door/window, detecting switch status due to its higher sensitivity...

  • Easy
  • Complete
  • Battery
  • Scenes
  • Detect
  • automation
    Appliance Control
  • Stay
A rare combination of features

Interfree Octagon (door/window sensor) offers multiple functional
characteristics to increase security and peacefulness.

  • Contect
  • Temper
  • A Component of
    security system
Easy to Installation process,
simple to use it
You can install this sensors at many different places in your house

Interfree Octagon is very easy to install, There are so many different places where you can install this sensor to make your life easy - some of the example are as under!

  • Sky
  • Entrance
  • Garage
  • Window
  • Connecting
  • Safety

Get Real time Notifications

With Interfree Octagon you will know when someone tries to open any of your home door/window. Interfree connected application connected with Octagon will instantly notify you.

Product Specs

  • Australian standard certified
  • Easy QR code installation.
  • Complete secured and stable connectivity.
  • The shape of the sensor body and magnet is octagon so can easily be mounted on any door and window.
  • Supports OTA firmware updates.
  • Lower power consumption, battery can last approximately 1 year.
  • Realtime battery status.
  • User get the notification about the lower battery of the sensor.
  • Door open and close notifications.
  • By using IFTT platform and using open and close status can be used to trigger an automate rule.
Power source 3V DC Battery
Battery type CR1632
Battery life 8-12 months
Storage Temperature -20°C to 60°C
Standby power About 2µA
Communication protocol Zigbee 2.4
Dimensions Large magnet 53x23x23 mm
Small magnet 32x15x15 mm
Wight 26g

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