Illuminator Dimmer

Smart illumination that suits your mood

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Compact layout with a variety of features

Interfree Dimmer has many functional features in one regard, given its small size.

  • Brightness
  • Power
  • Soft
  • Energy
  • Wi-Fi & Zigbee
    enable Switch
  • Work with any
    dimmable switch
  • Easy
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  • Customizable
    LED night light
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Dimming control for an even smarter home

Brightness Memory

Would you prefer to set your bedroom lights up to 70%? The Interfree Dimmer Switch instantly saves you time and energy by memorizing your current brightness settings.

Customized dimming Range

The dimmers of your home just got a lot more smart. To avoid low-level bulb flicker and gain smoother dimming control, set minimum and maximum custom brightness levels.

Most of us-you left the house and you could not recall if all the house lights were turned off. You no longer have to worry. Remotely, or even on your watch, switch off any lights.

Get the most out of your smart home with the Interfree connected application.

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Set Schedules
  • Automate with scenes
  • Personalized Images
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