IlluminatorSmart Dimmer

Create the perfect ambience in your premises with the Illuminator.

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Compact layout with a variety of features

Interfree Smart Light Dimmer allows users to brighten or darken lights via touch, button, voice or app. Set scenes, time scheduled operations and IFTTT via the Interfree App to set the perfect mood.

Certified to
Australian Standards
Work With Any
Dimmable Device

Dimming Control for an even smarter home

Brightness Memory

Would you prefer to set your bedroom lights up to 70%? The Interfree Dimmer Switch instantly saves you time and energy by memorizing your current brightness settings.

Customized dimming Range

The dimmers in your home just got smarter. To avoid low-level bulb flicker and gain smoother dimming control, set minimum and maximum custom brightness levels.

Get the most out of your smart home with the Interfree connected application.

Energy Efficiency
Set Schedules
Automate with scenes

Interfree is the smart innovation for your Premises

Product Specs

  • Australian standard certified.
  • Easy QR code installation.
  • Complete secured and stable connectivity.
  • High quality Tempered glass panel design.
  • Overload and Overheat protection.
  • Application controls: Access anywhere, leave the lights ON? Turn them off from anywhere using the Interfree's mobile application.
  • Set custom minimum and maximum brightness levels to avoid low-level bulb flicker and gain smoother dimming control.
  • View and change the ON/OFF status of the Illuminator via the app.
  • Geofencing: Set location triggers so that your light turns on automatically when you arrive.
  • Scheduling: Add efficiency and convenience to your daily routine with dynamic schedules
  • Scene control
  • ON/OFF can be used to trigger an automation rule.
  • Integration with more advanced setups
  • Compatibility with platforms: Android, Apple, Google home, Alexa
  • Each gang is equipped with an individual built in energy meter. Real time dollar value energy consumption monitoring
Colour: White/ Black
Style: Touch/ Button
Dimmer type : Triac
Power: 0-200W/gang
Voltage: AC 100 - 240 V
Standby power consumption: 1.2W
Working temperature: -20°C to 60°C
Wattage: 300/switch (LED), 2000W/switch (Incandescent lamp)
Communication protocol: Zigbee 2.4-GHz IEEE 802.15.4
Installation Method: Australian standard wall mounting.
Dimensions Front wall 120x72 mm
Wall cavity 70x50 mm
Depth 42mm
Wight 142g
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